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Ayurvedic Detox with Mudra

The five elements govern our body. Each element, when unbalanced, will produce toxins in the body. A weak fire of digestion or Agni leads to the build-up of toxins in the liver. Similarly, when toxins build up in the stomach due to excess mucus, digestion slows down. In many other ways, toxins build up in our bodies. In Ayurveda, it is mentioned that the three humours of the body are made up of Kapha (water + earth), Pitta (Fire + water), Vata (Air + ether), which must be in equilibrium. Our diet, lifestyle and stress make them unbalanced. A combination of diet and mudras can balance the three humors back. For example, vata imbalance can cause constipation which leads to toxicity. Kapha imbalance can lead to fat build-up in the stomach leading to slow digestion, turning into a vicious, toxic cycle. Pitta is acidity. These three humors need to be balanced. Here are some mudras to detox, which will also balance the three humors.

Cleansing Vata and Cholesterol – Apana vayu Mudra We begin our cleanse with the Apana vayu, the air present in the stomach to the rectum. This air is chiefly for detoxing gas, stool, urine and sweat from the body. When we do not evacuate stool, urine or even sweat properly, our body can get acidic, and the metabolism is slowed down. Apana Vayu mudra activates the downward air. This is a combination of Apana mudra and vayu mudra, and hence it's called Apana Vayu mudra. When the Apana vayu is fortified with this mudra, we get relieved of constipation, our urine improves, and our sweating is also improved. Cholesterol in the heart is gradually cleansed.

Method: Fold the index finger and touch the tips of a middle finger, ring finger and thumb. Gradually feel the pulse at the ends of the three fingers which are touching. Calm down your breath. Hold the position for about 15 minutes minimum. If you are facing severe issues with cholesterol or gas,  you can hold this mudra longer.

Adi Mudra

Adi mudra is a very powerful detox mudra. Our emotions play an essential role in our digestion. Pent-up emotions and stress can build up over some time and gradually block our digestion. Adi Mudra helps channel the emotions and throw the feelings out of the system. For example, when we are unfortunate, our kidneys get affected. So these emotions need to be let out.

Adi Mudra is designed to cleanse the body of these negative emotions and re-circulate the energy through the body. Your body undergoes gradual healing as these emotions are thrown out. We can sit in this mudra or take a walk with this mudra. When we take a walk and relax, in this mudra, all negative emotions are thrown out.

Method:Bend the thumb as shown.Close all the other four fingers on the thumb and breathe in a very relaxed manner.Meditate on the real happiness you want to achieve, gradually focus on forgiving oneself, forgiving everyone else, and releasing stress.

Fat Loss mudra and to increase digestive heat :

One of the best mudras for reducing fats in the body. All undigested food, mainly glucose, is converted to fat. This can slow down our metabolism and clog thoughts, weaken the energy in the body and mind. When we practice Surya mudra regularly, all fats are removed from the body. It helps in reducing/balancing weight and improves our levels of digestion.


Fold the ring finger and cover the ring finger with the thumb.Calmly breathe, meditating on the navel chakra, the fire chakra.Meditate on a healing fire of digestion around you.This healing fire gradually digests the fats and improves your energy levels.

Sankha Mudra

According to Shiva Yoga Dipika, we have 72,000 main nadis or nerves that carry thoughts and energy to different parts of the body. This group of nerves need to stay pure so that we can function optimally.
Sankha mudra is a very important mudra that detoxes all the 72,000 nerves. Sankha means a conch. A conch is known to be pure. This position, when held long enough, purifies and strengthens the nerves.


Stick out the thumb in the left hand and gradually cover it with the four fingers of the right hand, as shown.Hold it near the chest region.Breathe calmly.Meditate on your breath.The heart chakra is the center of emotions. When we practice sankha mudra, the heart chakra heals our emotions

Prana Mudra

Prana mudra must be practised in the end. It is the most energizing mudra.  Prana Vayu is present in the region of the heart. Prana Vayu is the air of energy and healing. It energizes all the muscles and improves enthusiasm.

Method :
Touch the tips of the thumb, ring finger and little finger. Feel the pulse at the ends of the fingers. Meditate on your chest region and focus on the energy in the heart. The heart is the seat of prana, soul and the supreme soul. The prana mudra heals the heart and increases the emotional healing energy. By regular practice, one always remains enthusiastic and joyful. This mudra is practiced in the end because the previous mudras detox and prana mudra, in turn, energizes the healed body and mind.