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Women have the first right to yoga as they have to carry the future of the world in their womb. Healthier the child is physically and mentally, the child can change the world for the better. Therefore women must practice yoga, especially during pregnancy.

- Yogacharya Sri T. Krishnamacharya in the Yoga Rahasya

I have been practicing yoga for more than a decade now, through this lifelong  journey came in the special moment that every  women relishes is the joy of becoming a "Mother."  During this most precious time,  every women's body and mind goes through a lot of transformations and sometimes facing a lot of challenges and untold so called fears/anxieties.

Through the practice of yoga for the mind and body  I was able to apply  the principals of Yoga at every moment of this precious prenatal/postnatal yoga which  made every new aspect of it, into a stepping stone to the next level of my journey into Motherhood so far that these special practices that I have  inherit from the great books of yogic scriptures are now become what I m today as "Mother to my precious two children."

Join these Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga & Meditation ~ One-on-One personalized sessions as every mind & body have their own journey into Motherhood. Discover your own as you meet your baby and be true YoGi MoM !!!!!