Intermittent Moon Fasting

Intermittent moon fasting also called as Chandrayana ( cycle of the moon ) is an ancient Ayurvedic method of healing the body and mind. Moon is responsible for the energy in food as well as the strength of the mind. This unique energy and relationship of the moon with the energy in food and our minds is harnessed in this fasting to heal the body and mind.

How is Intermittent Moon fasting  practiced ?

​This moon fasting involves eating a full meal on the full moon and then gradually reducing your meal by 1/15 th till the new moon. On the new moon you fast with juices. Then we gradually increase eating by 1/15 th and eat a full meal on the full moon.

What are the other practices involved ?

Along with the fast the practitioner needs to practice yoga asanas, mudras and deep breathing so as to always keep calm, fight off hunger pangs and get the best results.

Overall Intermittent Moon Fasting is a 30-day program that starts with a full moon and a full plate of food —and, ends with a full moon and a full plate of food. Intermittent Moon Fasting is a very graduated fast that, though regulated, is gentle on the body and mind. The practices of asana, deep breathing and mudras enhance the effect of the fast.

What we offer ?

We offer a unique blend of making a custom diet chart,  asanas,  deep breathing and mudras in our guided intermittent moon fasting or Chandrayana.  Once you sign up we will have a zoom call

* We make a custom Ayurvedic Chart

* We send you a copy of our book Food For The soul

* Meditation classes everyday

* Asana and Pranayama practices

* Karthik month special meditation practices.

When do we start the fast ?

​Our batches start every full moon.  The next one starting October 9th is a very special Karthik month. This Karthik month is very special as fasting done in this month gives you 1000 times more spiritual benefits.


Ayurveda - Body and Mind Relationship

​Ayurveda is a natural system of medicine grounded in the idea that disease can be avoided and overcome by balancing out the body and mind. It is important to understand this body-mind relationship to help improve a person’s overall well being and health. Understanding this relationship and how it works can also make a person feel more informed and capable of taking better care of themselves.

Here are some things to know about Ayurveda:

- Ayurveda was founded in India over 3000 years ago.

- Diseases originate from an imbalance or stress in a person’s consciousness.​

- Body, mind, and spirit are interconnected.​

Intermittent Moon Fasting

​According to Ayurveda, the moon is responsible for all the energy in food and the activities of the mind. Knowing this, one can regulate their eating habits in accordance with intermittent moon fasting, calming down the mind, and controlling chronic diseases. The main benefit of following this prescribed eating pattern is to bring peace and happiness and an inner calm back to a person’s consciousness.

​Here is what you need to understand about intermittent moon fasting: Fast begins and ends on a full moon.No grains on the 11th day of waxing and waning moon phases (Ekadasi).One morsel (about 1/15 of the plate) of food is added or subtracted from the previous day, referenced by the phase of the moon.Food is fraction based on the visibility of the moon. Think of the full moon as a full plate of food. Think of the new moon as an empty plate of food.Yoga, pranayama, meditation, and other regulated disciplines should be incorporated during the fast.

Moon Phases

Here’s what you need to know about the Vedic calendar and moon phases: Each Vedic calendarmonth is 30 days long

(a lunar month).

Every 24 hours the moon shifts 12 degreesaround the Earth. At 180 degrees the moon is Full.

Full moon, food has themost energy, so a full plate of food.At 360 degrees the moon is a

New Moon (Dark Moon).New moon, food has theleast amount of energy, so no food is taken.

Every 15 daysit is either a full moon or a new moon (12 degrees x 15 days = 180 degrees, another 15 days x 12 degrees is 180 degrees, 180 degrees + 180 degrees = 360 degrees, a lunar month).

The 11th day after thefull moonis Ekadasi.The 11th day after thenew moonis Ekadasi.

Ekadasi is an especially important and auspicious fasting day. It is recommended one stay away from grains on Ekadasi.


Ekadasiis the eleventh day after a full moon and the eleventh day after a new moon. There are two Ekadasi fasting days every 30 day month of the Vedic calendar. It is important to refrain from grains, intoxication, and foods of a lower vibrational frequency.
Here are some recommended foods for eating on Ekadasi days:

Fruits Dairy Vegetables

(no onion, garlic, or grains)


When we eat too much the body and mind are focused only on digestion, so there is no question of relaxing. It’s important to do intermittent moon fasting because it gives the mind and body an opportunity to properly rest and relax. By regulating one’s eating based on the moon cycles, we can free the mind and heal the body.

Here are some additional benefits of following the Chandrayana Vrata or Intermittent Moon Fast:

- Weight loss

- Healthier eating habits

- Better health

- Better self-control

- Clearer thinking

- Easier to meditate

- Control of the mind

- Boost the immunity

- Lower the blood sugar

- Improve your heart health

- Experience a sense of well being in mind body and soul with this unique fast based on the Moon with all the added  Yoga, Meditation and Ayurvedic practices that are accompanied to the fast.

Chandrayana Course

Food for the Souloffers a special Chandrayana course every full moon. This course is taught by Yogi Nataraj. In this course, Yogi Nataraj will educate and support you through this fast, providing everything you need to be successful. It is important to have a proper instructor to ensure you meet your goals.

Included with this course:

- One-on-one consultation with Yogi Nataraj.The consultation will take place remotely through phone consultation or a Zoom meeting.

- Cookbook Included:Receive a Vegan cookbook  FOOD FOR THE SOUL with 100 recipes which will be your diet guru throughout the 30 day moon fasting.

- Customized 30-day diet plan.This plan is developed around your personal needs and wellness goals.

- weekend Yoga and Meditation session.During these sessions, you will learn yoga and mudras to maximize the effectiveness of the intermittent moon fast. (live virtual zoom classes will be conducted on 9 am PST on sundays and saturdays)

How to sign-up for the course:

1. Visit our sign-up page.

2. Select the course.

3. Customize your purchase by selecting additional add-ons. 

4. Click Add To Cart.

​Whats Next

1. Enter payment details and complete your purchase.

2. We will call you to discuss your diet and welcome you to the course.

3. We will make some professional recommendations and provide additional information about the course.

4. We will design a plan for you based on your eating habits, so you can follow the diet in a way that will work for you.

5. We will monitor your progress. This ensures follow-through accountability and makes the fast pleasant and enjoyable.

6. We are always available through phone or text to answer questions and to assist you during this journey.

chandrayana vrata intermittent lunar fasting


is an extension of the mind, healing the mind heals the body. According to Ayurveda the moon is responsible for all energy in food and the activities of the mind. There is a special mention of a fast called Chandrayana Vrata or an eating and meditation cycle based on the phases of the moon.  When this cycle is followed it helps calm down the mind and control chronic diseases. This intermittent fasting needs to start on a full moon and end on a full moon. Along with fasting we also need to practice proper yoga and meditation. With proper practice of yoga and meditation combined with diet we can achieve optimal results. We can cultivate new habits and purify our minds. So join this life changing journey.

How does this work:

1. Once you sign up we will call you and discuss with you your diet and recommend the changes depending on your condition.

2. We will take your weight and symptoms and then guide you accordingly.

3. We will then design a plan for you based on your eating habits so that you can follow the diet at particular times. We will monitor the progress as we go along.

4. 10 sessions of yoga and meditation are included and we will give you the sessions as per your availability.

5. We will always available on text or phone for any questions or queries you may have.
Next session starts Sep 2nd. Sign up now.


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