Ayurvedic consultation

Ayurvedic consultation

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Welcome to the journey of self healing through Ayurveda. You will learn about your body and mind through the beautiful science of nature and its five elements. Throughout the journey, you will be improving your health bit by bit as all the elements fall in its natural state of your bodily constitution.

Consultation with Sundari Dasi and Yogi Nataraj are very lively and filled with lots of information behind the chemistry of food when it is cooking and after effect on ones digestion, and how it can help build up the body's natural state of "Good Health." This consultation also includes 3 part session.


The Science of healing the self 

Ayurveda consultation is a traditional scientific examination of mind and body with the  Ayurvedic application of finding your true psycho physical nature (Praktiti) and eliminating the imbalances (Vikriti) . Understanding our prakriti allows us to draw up the ideal Ayurvedic diet, herbs and lifestyle plan.  This consultation and advice draws from the ancient wisdom of both yoga and Ayurveda. Ready to find the root cause of your problems and review yourself and find wholeness to your existence within nature?

What to expect

Session 1 : We will assess your prakriti based on questionnaire and interview. Once we assess your Ayurvedic nature we determine your vikriti (your imbalance).  Once both are clearly assessed we determine the steps and measures needed to bring about a balance.  Ayurvedic healing begins with diet. Diet is the primary healing aspect of Ayurveda. We will give you a proper dietary plan and herbs. The second plan is to give you a proper lifestyle.  The proper lifestyle brings about the right changes in such a way that the body is in tune with nature.

Session 2:  We go into the finer aspects of the diet plan and fine tune it based on your feedback and improvements that your experienced. We will now focus on the herbs and get into more fine tuning of the lifestyle. We will also introduce mudras and meditation at this stage. Every imbalance that we experience has a corresponding stress or emotional imbalance.  With meditation and mudras we will be able to restore balance in our life.

Session 3: In this session we touch upon your progress and your implementation of the diet, herbs and meditation.