About us

Food for the Soul offers you a holistic way to heal your body, mind and soul. Learn how a Yogic Diet, Ayurveda Detox and Daily Routines with Yoga Asana, Meditation & Mudra practice will significantly improve your health and well-being

Yogi Nataraj and Sundari Dasi

run this family-owned enterprise. We are dedicated to help you heal naturally. Sundari Dasi is expert in healing through Ayurvedic cooking and Yoga Asanas for the body and mind. Yogi Nataraj is expert in Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, Mudra and also Astrology. He can help reverse diabetes and issues with the thyroid.


Our Intermittent Moon Fasting,  Ayurvedic Detoxification with Mudra andourHealing with Cookingcourses are highly effective in bringing the body and mind into balance. You will be able to analyze your bodily constitution and get access to with a diet and lifestyle plan, along with asanas and mudra to help the body heal.