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Our 7 session Vaastu course covers all the basics of Vaastu and helps you understand and design a structure like a house, hospital or an industrial complex.

The Importance of Vaastu

Just like the body, mother earth also has a beautiful energy structure.  The way this energy is designed and flows is described in the ancient science of vaastu sastra. Vaastu sastra explains how and where to build homes, hospitals, roads, government buildings. Furthermore constructions of wells, dams etc are also included. Vaastu gives us the proper direction by which we can direct the energy of the universe in every walk of our life in a very wonderful way.

Our  7 session basic Vaastu covers the important aspects of vaastu

What's included: 

Session 1  : The basics of vaastu purusha . Vaastu purusha is the person who is the personified vaastu.  He is present in the earth and is oriented in a particular direction. By understanding that direction and the movement of energy we can arrange our construction so that we absorb the maximum energy.

Session 2 and 3 : The Vaastu Mandala  - Once the vaastu purusha is studied then we can divide the place of construction into squares and rectangles. Everything is a mathematical and the ratios are calculated carefully.  We will dive deeper into this mandala and how we can arrange different types of constructions into the squares.

Session 4 : Astrology and Vaastu : How astrology is connected to Vaastu ?, How do we select a good time to start construction. What is the time length of a construction. What is the time for a person to invest in construction and to achieve prosperity in that construction . We will look at the details here.

Session 5 : Health : What are the factors that affect health especially mental health. We look at mental health and physical health deeply in this section and see how the energy should be oriented in a house.

Session 6 and 7 : Planning a house and industrial complex : In these two sessions we take an example and design a house and also an industrial complex. we will also look at a hospital course.