How to keep yourself healthy for long term spiritual success ? An interview with Brighupati Das

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An interview with Brighupati Prabhu - a veteran book distributor at ISKCON New Dwarka , Los Angeles 

The secrets of keeping good health and enthusiasm in the life of a dedicated book distributor.

Recently during my visit to LA, I had the good fortune of interviewing and doing an Ayurvedic consultation with H.G. Brighupati Prabhu.

I posed a few questions to H.G. Brighupati Prabhu, which he answered in detail. If you would like, you can take a few points from the summary, or if you are inspired, you can read the whole article for details. In the end, we had a beautiful exchange, and I shared my book, healing mudras, with Prabhu, and we have been doing yoga together.

Here are the secrets

1. Enjoy what you do
2. Stretch, don’t strain
3. Eat according to your body and work
4. Rest or sleep well; take it as a service
5. Be attentive to the detail
6. Listen to your body and adjust accordingly
7. Be consistent in your routine.

1. Enjoy what you do: Always make friends before you distribute a book. The relationship is so meaningful that in the end, even if they buy a book or not, they are happy, complimenting and inspiring the people whom they see. People need that genuine love and compassion, and if they appreciate and take the book, they will be favourable for a long time. If you tire yourself trying to push a book, you will be stressed, destroying everything.
2. Stretch, don’t strain: Every morning, I practice stretches in a relaxed way. When you stretch organically and relax, your body becomes flexible and more relaxed, whereas if you stretch too hard, you may injure yourself. When conversing on this topic, I introduced the bandhas or the root lock and abdominal lock, which Prabhu loved. They balance the air in the body and make us stronger.
3. Eat according to body and work: Since I go to book distribution, I have a light breakfast, primarily fruits and Yogurt (yogurt is delicious in the mornings and afternoons as it improves gut bacteria). Devotees save lunch for me, and I have it around 5 pm after I return from book distribution. I balance out my eating. I do not overeat, and since I have been out all day, the gap is perfect for getting enough hunger and good digestion.
4. Sleep well- take it as a service: I play a Srila Prabhupada tape when I go to sleep, and I hear one lecture. It takes you beyond a bodily platform and a healing meditation on the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna and relieves you of all anxiety, and gives you deep sleep. So when you wake up in the morning, you are fully refreshed. Srila Prabhupada ki jai. I also sleep on two yoga mats, one on the other. Simple. Once, we were pretty late when returning to the Mojave desert in the summer, so I just spread the yoga mats. I slept well. If you keep eating and sleeping simply everywhere, you can be happy anywhere.
5. Be attentive to detail: I keep everything clean and organized to focus on detail. When everything is organized, you can be focused but relaxed. Never be passionate. The mode of goodness keeps you naturally focused.
6. Listen to your body and adjust accordingly: sometimes, when you wake up early, you do not feel so well, so you do not want to miss mangal arati but want to adjust so you can still attend the program and get the benefit. If I don’t feel so well, I sit in Vajrasana and relax and keep my complete focus on hearing and meditating on Krishna. You must adjust as your body feels and engage in loving devotion.
7. Be consistent in your routine: Strength comes from consistency. I have never missed the morning program for years and keep a consistent routine that keeps me enthusiastic in My seva of Book Distribution and Bhakti.
Srila Prabhupada book distribution ki jai !!



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